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When Your Brain Is Overloaded

by | Productivity

You know that feeling that comes when you are in back to back meetings all day long.

Somewhere between meeting number three and seventy three, your brain starts to hurt.

It’s real. And it makes it harder to listen, make meaning, and respond to change.

Sometimes my brain literally feels like it might break. It’s happened more in the last year than I can count. I can’t quite process anything else and yet, I’ve got a million different things going on in my brain.

This is one tip that you can do to IMMEDIATELY increase your capacity for what comes next.

Right now.

The principle is a shakeout. It’s like a fast detox for your brain.


Take action now:

Stand up.

Go ahead. Actually stand up while you are reading.

No on is watching. Now start moving.

Literally move your body. Quickly. A little faster now.

Shake your hands while you move your arms. Do the hokey pokey if you like (though not required).

The fast paced movement (aka shaking) resets the neural pathways in your brain.

The act of shaking your arms and hands provides so much input to your brain, that your brain can’t think about anything else for a minute. Your brain is paying attention to how your body is moving, nothing else.

It’s a brief brain break.

Your brain will thank your body for the moment to reset.