It’s time to escape the productivity trap.

You’ve seen it before. Your team should be achieving great work with ease, but instead it’s caught in a wild frenzy of competing priorities. Gradually your people are burning out, innovation is evaporating, and time and energy are wasted on all the wrong problems.

Sound familiar?

Thanks to this organizational multitasking, organizations are flooding from the pressure to do it all. But there is an unexpected solution to achieve high performance once again….

Learn all about how in REAL FLOW by Brandi Olson.

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What’s Inside:

The costly link between competing priorities, multitasking, and burnout

And why no amount of vacation, self-care, or team-building activities will solve it.

The essential practice of limiting work in progress

To improve the flow of value, plus the radical effect it has on solving the challenges your organization is facing.

Strategies to remedy the burnout problem

That don’t involve doing less, expecting less, or shrinking the to-do list.

How to redefine performance to maximize human potential

For the long term over the short term and what that will do for your teams.

How to embrace the ecosystem paradigm

And the direct impact it has on an organization’s ability to adapt, change, and thrive.

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here’s what readers have to say:

“I need all our leaders to read this Real Flow.

It is insightful and pragmatic about the realities that companies face every day. Putting,simple but effective strategies in place continues to guide our transformation and Real Flow gives us an easy way to consume those strategies and start to focus on what really matters to our organization; outcomes over outputs, less is more, happy and healthy employees, dedicated working time, leaders actually leading by example and creating space to learn and innovate.”

– Amanda Finney, Senior Vice President, Product Management and User Experience Design at Wells Fargo


“I am hooked!"

HR Vice-President

“Wow! This is the book I needed as a leader right now.”

 “A message with more clarity on why organizational multitasking hurts performance than I’ve ever heard before. I get it in a visceral way now.”

“I thought I knew everything about prioritization but I walked away with a totally different perspective. Fantastic!”

 – Senior Director, Fortune 100 Company

“A timely book for all leaders of today (and tomorrow).”

“Brandi Olson’s book explores the business impact and consequence of…misalignment (working on the wrong things), disengagement (and a lack of innovation), to burnout. Brandi reminds us of the reality of business systems and gives us ways to unlearn and rethink how we should be working. A timely book for all leaders of today (and tomorrow).”

– Evan Leybourn, CEO and cofounder, Business Agility Institute

About the book: Real Flow

Organizational agility expert Brandi Olson brings front and center what happens when an organization chases too many priorities simultaneously.

Real Flow demonstrates the principles of flow that will create the environment teams need to achieve and sustain high performance. Integrating cognitive science, organizational agility, and lean principles, this is your guide to deliver exceptional value and enable people to be happy, healthy, and engaged in their work.

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