Keynote talks shouldn’t be boring. You don’t have time for boring. 

The greatest opportunity we have in the midst of unrelenting change is the possibility that we could learn how to do better, together.

Brandi’s talks are all interactive, and all about getting real work done.

My whole company fell in love with Brandi because of her energy and expertise. I’m still in awe about how so many of us shifted our thinking in such a short time.

- A Happy Financial Services Executive


responding to change without burning out

How to learn faster, pivot on purpose, and keep people at your center.

When our current reality is that of constant change, new data by the hour, and emerging priorities — it’s critical to develop the ability to plan fast, learn fast, and adapt. But responding to change can be exhausting when everything seems important and nothing is predictable. This pace of change can drain our resources, time, and energy, but it doesn’t have to.

It is possible, and necessary, to respond to change without burning out.

*(30-60 minute interactive talk)

“Fully engaging with splashes of humor.

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Prioritization Superpowers:

the radical art of prioritizing when everything is important

The art of prioritization is the superpower of an effective leader. However, when you’ve already stripped away the low-hanging fruit and you are left with ten #1 priorities, it can seem impossible to prioritize further. Prioritization is critical when everything is important and change is happening fast. 

It is simple, radical, and powerful to prioritize. It is not at all easy, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. 

With a few guiding principles, prioritizing really can be your superpower. Bring your prioritization challenges and walk away with practical tools to unlock what’s stuck and conquer the overwhelm of competing priorities.

*(60-90 minute interactive talk)

“I thought I knew everything about prioritization, but I walked away with a totally different perspective. Fantastic!”

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content warning: explicit cultural values ahead

Get to the heart of emotional intelligence and productivity at work.

We each bring a set of social and emotional skills to the ways we show up and interact with others. These behaviors are influenced by our cultural values and preferences. And yet, our personal cultural values are often unexamined, leading us to make value judgments about the “right” way or the “wrong” way to communicate, resolve conflict, make decisions, etc. 

Failing to recognize the diverse values and cultural preferences of colleagues usually lead to the harmful assumption that a difference in behavior is the result of a personal flaw, instead of recognizing it as a difference in social-emotional skills or cultural values. Enable your teams to move away from biased thinking about the “right” or “wrong” way to behave towards meaningful dialogue around ways of being, ways of relating, and ways of getting work done

We will explore a simple, yet profound, tool called Cultural Values Mapping, designed for individual and collaborative examination of the diverse cultural values and preferences that are always influencing the social and emotional skills we bring to work.

*(30-60 minute interactive talk)

“Brandi connected real situations and challenges to tangible ways of improving that we could implement right away.

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“Lovely! So much more fun than any other talk.”

What to expect from Brandi Olson

Brandi Olson believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between doing good, important work, and your own humanity.

She knows that the best way to solve big problems, to innovate, and to deliver out of this world value is through teams who are deeply engaged, high performing, and actually happy. And that the quickest route for leaders to cultivate happy, engaged teams who are doing great work is by not adding free frozen yogurt in the lobby.

By creating cultures where people are learning together faster and better. So that when change happens, as it always will, your organization isn’t just reacting to change, you are leading change.

Brandi works in the intersection between learning, organizational agility, and human-centered design.

She has over 15 years of experience consulting with leaders across diverse sectors who share a commitment to people, learning fast, and doing good in the world — from nonprofits to universities to global Fortune 50 companies.

Brandi studied organizational learning and change at Northwestern University, holds a Master of Education from the University of Minnesota and has extensive training in human-centered design and Lean-Agile transformations. Brandi has been featured in Forbes,, and is the author of the book Real Flow: Break the Burnout Cycle and Unlock High Performance in the New World of Work, available now.

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