Make Friends With Your Brain: 3 things you want to know about your brain to work better

A 60 minute session to learn impactful, science-based strategies to manage and flow with how your body and brain actually function in reality.


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We, as high-achieving worker-bee humans are VERY (very) good at pushing ourselves way outside our natural, highest-performing baselines.

When we’re overwhelmed and overworked, we try to power our way into more focus and performance instead of letting our brain do that for us. When we are switching between way too many priorities, we don’t usually think about how to finish them one at a time.

And we are ALL positive that we are magical unicorns who should be able to perpetually carry more without losing steam because that’s what our dominant work culture teaches us.

“I’ll just power through…” becomes how we function every day (and the more it seems like it’s working, the more we do it).

After this 5th Hour Session...

You’ll walk away with immediately actionable, infinitely simple, and scientifically researched strategies that can make the rest of today (and every other day) better than yesterday.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Next event is early 2023.


But better performance doesn’t have to come with working harder (or smarter). It comes from working differently.

With simple changes and challenges to those ordinary defaults, it can be remarkably easy to restore and reinvigorate enthusiasm, creativity, productivity, and that glorious feeling we all chase: Real Flow.

The 5th Hour aims to answer two questions:

1. What if it didn’t take an entire workshop to gain insanely practical insights you can use to make work better and easier right away?


2. How can we transform the energetic dip in your day where you feel least productive into something you can use every single hour after it?

As such, each session will include:

  • Zero talking to strangers (but we’ll have an optional way to connect after).
  • A rapid visualization artist co-creating with us in real-time.
  • Zero fluff. And zero selling.

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Hi! I’m brandi olson

I’m a leadership coach and organizational designer with decades of experience applying Lean-Agile practices in unconventional contexts. I currently lead practical consulting at The Olson Group and I’m the founder of Real Work Done.

I believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between doing good, important work, and your own humanity. The best way to solve big problems, innovate, and deliver out-of-this-world value is through teams who are deeply engaged, high-performing, and genuinely happy.

My mission is to help leaders foster cultures where people are learning together faster and better – so that when change happens, as it always will, your organization isn’t just reacting to change, you are leading change.

About the book: Real Flow

Organizational agility expert Brandi Olson brings front and center what happens when an organization chases too many priorities simultaneously.

Real Flow demonstrates the principles of flow that will create the environment teams need to achieve and sustain high performance. Integrating cognitive science, organizational agility, and lean principles, this is your guide to deliver exceptional value and enable people to be happy, healthy, and engaged in their work.

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