Strategy is just a hypothesis until it works. Let’s get you to the working part sooner. 

Right. But How?


Agility Foundations Workshop

A tailored virtual workshop for your entire team or company. This interactive workshop focuses on the values, principles, and practices that will enable your organization to respond more effectively to change and collaborate with greater ease, without burning out.

Real Flow: the course

Coming soon!

Real Work Done Labs

All of Brandi’s featured keynotes topics have complimentary half and full day lab options designed to directly apply the principles to real work. Because the best way to learn is to get real work done, together.


Brandi is available for virtual keynote talks and select in-person events.

“My whole company fell in love with Brandi because of her energy and expertise. I’m still in awe about how so many of us shifted our thinking in such a short time.”

Keynote Topics

Art + Science of Getting More Done With Less Burnout
It is possible to work hard with ease, raise performance expectations, and improve the well-being of yourself and your team at the same time.

Content Warning: Explicit Cultural Values Ahead
Get to the heart of emotional intelligence and productivity at work.

What To Expect

Learn by doing

Interactive exercises and simulations that allow you to connect research + principles to the work you are actually doing.

Relevant Focus

Opportunities throughout the session to focus on your real-world situations.


In-depth engagement with the speaker and each other. If you are looking for a lecture and a powerpoint deck, this is not for you!


Learning shouldn’t be boring.

Learn more here about Brandi’s keynote talks.


Brandi accepts a limited number of consulting engagements and coaching clients each quarter. These engagements are highly bespoke and usually focused on leadership and team development, organizational design, and business agility. To inquire about consulting services, reach out to Brandi.

“My whole company fell in love with Brandi because of her energy and expertise. I’m still in awe about how so many of us shifted our thinking in such  a short time.”

“I learned more from my time with you than any other professional training I have ever done. Thanks for bringing fun and clear understanding to our Agile journey.” 


“I thought it would be good,  but it turned out to be EXCELLENT! Everyone was engaged and learned so much from the interaction. So many great things that came from our sprint with you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!” 


“It’s hard to find workshops where you leave with tangible tools. Brandi taught my team a super easy-to-use tool that we can use on our own now. Brandi is able to take complex ideas and challenging questions and put it into something that is easy to understand and take action on.” 


“Working with Brandi rejuvenated our board and leaders. Personally, my eyes were opened in a totally new way. We walked away with action done and many more tools to enable our agility.”

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